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Physical Activity and Diabetes

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Be Active When You Have Diabetes
Being physically active is one of the most important ways people can manage their diabetes and lower the risk of complications. These very easy-to-read (second- to third-grade reading level) materials help people with diabetes learn about the benefits of being physically active and ways to increase their activity level.

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Exercise and Physical Fitness
Provides a summary of how much physical activity most adults need per week and offers example activities that improve fitness.

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Physical Activity for Everyone (from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Provides comprehensive information on how children, adults, and older adults can meet their guidelines for physical activity.

HHS Logo Image Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
Lists resources for various reading audiences.  Information includes the benefits of being active, physical activity guidelines, and different ways to improve fitness.
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What I need to know about Physical Activity and Diabetes
Describes the benefits of physical activity and precautions for people with diabetes. Explains the types of activity and how to begin a program. Provides referrals to other resources.
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Lo que usted debe saber sobre la actividad física y la diabetes
Proporciona información sobre los beneficios de la actividad física y las precauciones necesarias para las personas con diabetes. Explica los 4 tipos de actividad física y proporciona ejemplos de estos. Explica como comenzar una rutina de actividad física. Provee remisiones a otras fuentes de información.
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